We increase the security, visibility and transparency of global supply chains.

Verifai deploys technology that secures and protects people, businesses, assets, and critical infrastructure. We use customised hardware, IoT sensors, and multi-modal biometric identifiers for strong authentication and authorisation. We securely acquire, process, and store data, then apply machine-learning analytics to transform data into insights. Our systems are scalable, user-centric, intuitive, and purposefully designed to drive tangible business outcomes.

Verifai Solutions SUITE

Leveraging current and emerging technologies to increase supply chain security, visibility and transparency.

Purpose-built hardware

Physical Seals secure cargo and containers. Modular Bluetooth IoT sensors monitor temperature, humidity, luminosity, and detect VOC's. These drive commercial, security and efficiency outcomes.

Mobile Processing

The ubiquitous smartphone is central to our solution: This keeps deployment costs low, reduces the need for complicated training, and provides a familiar interface for operators.


Multi-modal biometric identifiers critically link a real person to a device. We source context-specific identifiers - facial, fingerprint, voice, and behavioural metrics – to securely authenticate and authorise users.

Risk Analysis

Machine Learning (ML) analytics are applied to datasets to provide accurate and context-specific risk (threat) analysis, and bring additional benefits such as route optimisation.

Actionable Insights

Extension features such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) allow for fast analysis of large data volumes, translating key information into actionable insights.


We follow privacy-by-design (PBD), data anonymisation and data minimisation standards for all information that we acquire and store.

We have developed a global network of advisers and partners, who counsel and advocate on topics including maritime services, logistics, industrial design, and critical infrastructure.

The Verifai Team

Meet the team behind Verifai.

Core Team

We are a passionate team with extensive experience in technical service delivery, ideation, governance, product development, strategy and marketing.

Strategic AdvisErs

Verifai is guided by advisers with a range of experience in fields such as cyber-security, biometrics, maritime security and sales.

Verifai News

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