Hi! Welcome to Verifai’s Brilliant Seal, a digital security seal for tracking, monitoring and securing shipping containers.

To unlock the container you will need to download the Brilliant Seal mobile app for Android or iOS.

Download for Android

  1. Make sure that you allow “Install Apps From Unknown Source” setting on your Android device.
  2. Download the Verifai app (42 mb) to your phone by clicking on the following link

Download for iOS

  1. Download the Testflight app from the app store at
  2. Once installed, you can download the Brilliant Seal iOS app by clicking on the following link: 

How to unlock your container

After you have downloaded the Brilliant Seal app, follow these steps to unlock the seal and access the container:

Step One: 

Wait till the Brilliant Seal device appears on the list of devices to connect to. Once you see it appear in your list, tap on the device to connect to it

Select Brilliant Seal Device

Step Two: 

When you connect to the seal the app will show you it’s current locked state. Swipe right to Unlock.

Swipe to Unlock

Step Three: 

Enter the code provided to you by Verifai by calling +61 405 675 052 and the seal will unlock.

Enter code

Once you have completed accessing the container: Reattach to container handle and swipe right to lock seal. You will not need the code for this.

Note: if you are using a different phone to lock the device you will need to repeat steps 1-2 above then swipe left to lock the container