Cyber Risks in Supply Chains – Pencils and Pistons Master Class

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Sydney, Australia – 27th March, 2021

Australia + Michigan + India: CEO & Founder Jonathan Kempe speaks about cyber risks in supply chains, with Strategic Advisory Board member, Amy Broglin.

Securing your supply chain can be complex, and in some cases daunting. There is also a large degree of choice available with technological deployments, and the difference between vendors can vary markedley. How do you navigate these complexities? How can you define and minimize the cyber/physical/information security risks in your supply chain? And, what sort of practical things can you change *right now* to ensure that your business stays profitable and protected?

Amy and Jonathan offer a number of tangible takeaways from this session that will be of great help to the C-Suite, Supply Chain managers, and Operations staff alike. With simple and accessible language, using the guiding principle that ‘understanding is better than knowing’ Amy and Jonathan’s perspectives on supply chain risk are well sharing!

The organiser of Pencils and Pistons’ (the indefatigable) Rashmeet Kaur (CSSCP) was effusive about Amy and Jonathan’s session “… graspable concepts, immediate takeways… it was exactly what we wanted.. and free from management-consulting-jargon!”.

Thank you for the feedback Rashmeet; we were grateful for the opportunity!