“Digital Tulips” – The CIO Show

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Sydney, Australia – 15th November 2020

CEO and Founder Jonathan Kempe spoke with journalist David Binning from CIO Online about the promises – both true, but mostly false – of blockchain technology. Jonathan shares observations on the evolution of blockchain solutions, and how many proposed offerings have been unable to deliver (and how some are borderline fraudulent).

The response to this thought-provoking and provocative perspective has been extreme: The Podcast episode, and shared links on Social media have generated over 100,000 views and downloads. Jonathan’s hope in sharing these potentially inflammatory points of view is to empower decision-makers to critically review proposed blockchain deployments, and avoid buying into – what has become to many – the modern day craze of “Digital Tulip”.


Jonathan’s segment starts at 29:44, and runs for ~20 minutes. Do you have any thoughts or feedback? Feel free to send them in via our webform, or at hello@verifai.com.au