#SureShoring – Freightwaves Fireside Chat

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Sydney, Australia – 2nd March, 2021

What is SureShoring?

It was a privilege to sit down with two friends and Verifai Strategic Advisory Board Members – Rich Mason and Amy Broglin – for a fireside chat during FreightWaves Global Supply Chain Week. We worked our way through the “paradramatic” shifts that have occurred in global supply-chains over the last 24 months, with a particular emphasis on security; the generation and use of trustworthy data, and how critical workers such as seafarers need greater consideration if we want secure and sustainable end-to-end operations.

If you want to know more about the emerging #sureshoring movement, and would like to watch a playful and thought-provoking take on supply-chain security, why not give it a watch? Watch out for those ‘metal icebergs’!


Verifai thanks Steve Ferreira for the kind invitation to join the conference. Steve’s encouragement and support is greatly appreciated.