The Gender Equation – Blended Podcast

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Sydney, Australia – 16th December, 2020

It was a privilege for CEO & Founder Jonathan Kempe to appear on the third episode of Let’s Talk Supply Chain’s brand-new show, Blended. Blended opens up the conversation and gives the mic to all of the underrepresented voices in our industry – women, the LGBTQIA community, people of colour, those with disabilities, whether they’re visible or hidden.

Episode 3, ‘The Gender Equation,’ explores the different experiences that men and women have in their careers, the voices of conferences, why women have traditionally been pitted against other women, and how we can all work together to make meaningful change for the future.

Jonathan joined four other panelists from all over the world:

1. Sofia Rivas Herrera – Airport industry analyst, industrial engineer and supply chain ambassador
2. Henrik Kofod-Hansen – Co-founder at Novosensus
3. Rashmeet Kaur – Supply chain consultant
4. Alison Cusack – Founder and principal lawyer at Cusack & Co Pty Ltd

Check out the full podcast here: